Nathan Clisby's homepage

Welcome to my homepage! I'm a mathematical physicist in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne, supported by an ARC Future Fellowship. I'm also an associate investigator of MASCOS and ACEMS.

Here you will find some details about my research (including lists of possible research topics for students and collaborators, and my publications), and various project pages where you can find interactive applications, visualisations, and in future software for download.

Recent updates (November 2016)

Together with Tim Garoni, back in 2010 I organised a satellite workshop for Statphys called Monte Carlo Algorithms in Statistical Physics. I designed the website and am migrating it here because the old webserver will be decommissioned soon (vale lattice). There is a fantastic collection of talks which I intend to keep permanently available. Incidentally, the logo for the conference is meant to evoke the game of “two-up”, a game of chance that is an Australian national past-time. The creation of this logo (idea + execution) is what I consider to be my greatest achievement, but I have literally never received a comment about it. So, if you think it’s even kind-of neat, let me know and make my day.

In March 2015 a mini-symposium was held in honour of Ian Enting, to celebrate his unique career in which he has made considerable contributions in the fields of Climate, Atmospheric Composition and Statistical Physics. You can find more information, including links to some fascinating talks, at the Entingfest webpage.

Jason Whyte has written a feature article which gives a detailed but accessible explanation on the ingredients for fast Monte Carlo simulation of self-avoiding walks. Please see the SAW feature page.