Assorted links

These links are from my old webpage, and are several years out-of-date.

News, Opinion and Reference
The Age The Australian NY Times
Slashdot Science Daily Digg Larvatus Prodeo
The Monthly The Economist ABC news Google Trends
On The Media NPR Ars Technica La Jornada
Wikipedia Citizendium Knol The Register
IMDB NIEHS Kids The Onion PhD Comics
Sluggy Freelance Dilbert Nukees Danny Katz
Univ. of Melbourne MASCOS AMSI AGU
Aust. Inst. of Phys. (AIP) Amer. Inst. of Phys. (AIP) COSNet PRIMA
ARC ESF (Eur. Sci. Foundation) ACM IAMP
Conferences and Workshops
Monte Carlo Alg. in Stat. Phys. STATPHYS 24 Rutgers Stat. Mech. Meeting PRIMA congress
Climate change
Real Climate IPCC Garnaut Review GISS (data)
NSIDC Sea Ice Transcom Hadley Centre Stern Review
CASPI CMAR, CSIRO Climate change research centre CO2CRC
Sustainability Victoria
arXiv Encyclopedia of Int. Seq. NIST: fundamental const. au.arXiv
Folding@home PLOS Knot zoo
Drupal GNU Sci. Lib. (GSL) SPRNG GLib
Nauty GNU Mult. Prec. Arithm. (GMP) R TeX Users Group (TUG)
CUDA Python JabRef Sourceforge
Freshmeat GNU Make GNU GAMS
toms Netlib S. B. Algorithm Repository Dictionary of Algorithms
PGF/TikZ Mercurial (CVS) Ubuntu DART (Data Assim.)
CTAN (TeX) CRAN (R) Free Software Directory Drupal modules
ACM Portal Fink
"My" pages (at least, pages I've created)
Monte Carlo algorithms conference Peter Clisby campaign page Matthew Cranitch campaign page