Swinburne Maths HDR Student Conference

On 1 June, 2023 we held a conference for PhD students in the maths department at Swinburne University of Technology.

Wonderful talks were given by Jordan Orchard, Milton Mondal, Sleeba Varghese, Alex Lee, Riccardo Civello, Edoardo Savoia, Sania Mahajan, David Morselli, Ruiqi Sun, and Solvej Knudsen.

Participants were Federico Frascoli, Ant Sowards, Billy Todd, Emily Cook, Louise Olsen-Kettle, Nadia Sukhorukova, Sergey Suslov, Zhenzhen Chen, Salam Kamoona, John McCloughan, with Nathan Clisby as the organiser.

Thanks to Jordan and Sleeba for helping to test the technology and set up the afternoon tea, and to Ant for troubleshooting some Zoom issues for one of the speakers.

The prize for best talk as adjudged by academic staff was jointly awarded to Jordan Orchard and David Morselli, with each to receive a certificate and a prize of $100, as well as eternal glory as the first recipients of what promises to be a hotly contested annual prize.


1:55 Welcome
2:00 Jordan Orchard A deterministic map for particle dynamics in polygonal billiard channels
2:18 Milton Mondal An NPZ model with two periodic driving forces caused by solar radiation and sea surface temperature can describe phytoplankton bloom events with better timing
2:36 Sleeba Varghese Optimal electro-osmotic flow through nanochannels
2:54 Alex Lee Exploring the relationship between academic motivation, achievement emotions, and student engagement in First Year Mathematics
3:12 Riccardo Civello Application of Transient Time Correlation Function method
3:30 Afternoon tea
4:00 Edoardo Savoia Deep ocean thermodynamics and climate change
4:18 Sania Mahajan Exploring Student Questioning Behavior in Mathematics Tutorials
4:36 David Morselli Continuum and discrete models of oncolytic virotherapy in different tumour microenvironments
4:54 Ruiqi Sun Statistical mechanics on low dimensional system
5:12 Solvej Knudsen Dynamical modes in nanoconfinement
5:30 Closing remarks


We did not take any photos, but here are some screen grabs from the Zoom recording!
The audience at the end of proceedings - from left to right Emily, Sergey, Jordan, Milton, Billy, Edoardo, Riccardo, Sleeba, Alex.
Ant and a mystery guest