ANZAMP Meeting

The Australian and New Zealand Association of Mathematical Physics (ANZAMP) is a Division of the Australian Mathematical Society (AustMS).

The Fifth Annual Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Mathematical Physics was be hosted by the University of New South Wales School of Mathematics and Statistics and held at The Pavilion Kiama in Kiama on the New South Wales South Coast from 1st to 3rd February, 2017. Kiama is a popular holiday destination about two hours drive south of Sydney.

The next annual meeting will be early in 2018 and hosted by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Auckland.


Photos curtesy of Kiama Council

Keynote speakers

Luis Fernando Alday University of Oxford The analytic conformal bootstrap
Bernd Krauskopf University of Auckland Delay-induced dynamics: mode structure of a semiconductor laser with two filtered feedback loops
Eric Ragoucy LAPTh - CRNS Integrability in out-of-equilibrium systems
Tomohiro Sasamoto Tokyo Institute of Technology Exact solutions of 1D KPZ equation and related models
Susan Scott Australian National University LIGO and the Dawn of the Age of Gravitational Wave Astronomy


Local Organising Committee Program Committee Administration
Jonathan Kress (Chair) Debra Bernhardt (University of Queensland) Email:
Joshua Capel Murray Batchelor (Australian National University)  
  Omar Foda (University of Melbourne)  
  Jörg Frauendiener (University of Otago)  
  Rod Gover (University of Auckland)  
  Phillip Isaac (University of Queensland)  
  Jonathan Kress (Chair, University of New South Wales)  
  Judy-anne Osborn (University of Newcastle)  
  Katherine Seaton (La Trobe University)  

Past meetings

2012 Inaugural ANZAMP meeting at Lorne, Victoria
2013 Second ANZAMP meeting at Mooloolaba, Queensland
2014 Third ANZAMP meeting at Melbourne, Victoria
2015 Fourth ANZAMP meeting at Newcastle, NSW

A. J. Guttmann Prize

This prize ($500) is awarded for the most outstanding talk by an ANZAMP student member or recent graduate ANZAMP member (graduated 12 months prior to the meeting) presented at each ANZAMP meeting. The prize is named in honour of Professor Anthony J. Guttmann, who has been, and continues to be, a leading figure in the mathematical physics community in Australia. Among many distinctions, Tony Guttmann has a distinguished research record in statistical mechanics, was President of the Australian Mathematical Society and was one of the leading figures in the establishment of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. Tony is renowned for the guidance and wisdom he offers to his colleagues and students, and he is a tireless advocate of programs for talented students in mathematical physics, and mathematics more generally.

Winners of the A. J. Guttmann Prize

2012 Elena Tartaglia Logarithmic superconformal minimal models
2013 Inna Lukyanenko Properties of the Bethe Ansatz equations for Richardson-Gaudin models
2014 Calum Robertson Newtonian limits and the evolution of inhomogeneous universes
2015 Alexandr Garbali The Izergin--Korepin model at a root of unity
2017 Tianshu Liu Towards N = 2 minimal models

ANZAMP Meeting 2017 Sponsors

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