Pebble smartwatch app

The Pebble smartwatch is an early generation smartwatch which has two fantastic features: a long battery life (of the order of 5-7 days), and an SDK which makes it easy to develop and share your own apps written in C or javascript.

Animation of the Pebble smartwatch app of the backbite algorithm.

Animation of the Pebble smartwatch app which implements the backbite algorithm on a 6x6 square grid.

For fun, I've implemented an animation of the sampling of Hamiltonian paths on a 6x6 square grid as performed by the backbite algorithm, as described on my Hamiltonian path page.

This implementation makes an update every two seconds, alternating between the two ends and showing the intermediate step being added.

If you have a Pebble smartwatch, you can install the app by downloading this recently compiled (February, 2016) version of the app. One of these days I'll make it available on the Pebble app store, if anyone seems to like it!