ANZAMP Inaugural Meeting

The Australian and New Zealand Association of Mathematical Physics (ANZAMP) is a special interest group of AustMS. ANZAMP's inaugural meeting will be held at

Venue: Cumberland Lorne Resort, see accommodation
Dates: Reception on Dec. 2, conference from Dec. 3-5, 2012


18/12/12 Talks can now be downloaded from the Participants page.
05/12/12 Elena Tartaglia winner of the first A. J. Guttmann Prize, for her seminar on Logarithmic superconformal minimal models!
31/10/12 Abstracts page has been created. Please send your title and abstract to with `abstract' as the subject, and we'll add it to the list.
30/9/12 As mentioned on transport page, please consider flights into Avalon Airport (AVV) as an alternative to Tullamarine airport (MEL). Avalon airport is considerably closer to Lorne.
26/9/12 No more 1BR apartments available at The Cumberland Resort. Please make your own arrangements for accommodation if possible.
14/9/12 More details on public transport options to Lorne added to the transport page.
12/9/12 Registration needs to be completed before 30 September to secure accommodation
at The Cumberland Resort in Lorne.

Keynote talks

Fluctuation relations and the foundations of statistical thermodynamics: a deterministic approach
Debra Bernhardt (University of Queensland, Brisbane)

Topological order in spin systems
Paul Fendley (University of Virginia, Charlottesville)

Integrable dynamics: practical applications and abstract theory
Jarmo Hietarinta (University of Turku)

Quantum integrable systems and curve counting
Andrei Okounkov (Columbia University, New York)

The dynamics of compact bodies in General Relativity: recent progress and open problems
Todd Oliynyk (Monash University, Melbourne)

Spectrum of states in gauge-string duality
Arkady Tseytlin (Imperial College, London)

A. J. Guttmann Prize

This prize ($500) is awarded for the most outstanding talk by a student or recent graduate (PhD completed in the calendar year of the annual meeting) at the Annual Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Mathematical Physics (ANZAMP). The prize is named in honour of Professor Anthony J. Guttmann, who has been, and continues to be, a leading figure in the mathematical physics community in Australia. Among many distinctions, Tony Guttmann has a distinguished research record in statistical mechanics, was President of the Australian Mathematical Society and was one of the leading figures in the establishment of the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute. Tony is renowned for the guidance and wisdom he offers to his colleagues and students, and he is a tireless advocate of programs for talented students in mathematical physics, and indeed mathematics more generally.


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